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Binocular Football Prague

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So you think you have already mastered the regular football and there isn’t much out there for you because Manchester United has already spent their summer budget for new arrivals? Going through your opponents and scoring a goal is no challenge for you at all?

How about you come and try the Binocular Football in Prague to see what might playing football on hallucinogenic drugs look like, without actually taking them! This will be the craziest looking game of football you have ever played!

Even the simplest task of actually hitting the ball will obscenely difficult for you and you will not stop laughing when you see your friends trying it! Let alone passing or scoring goals, which is a whole new level! This will be possible thanks to unique glasses that you will use while playing our Binocular Football Prague! These magic glasses will trick your vision and change the perception of distances. As a result, the ball might look like it is 10 times closer than it is in reality! Or 10 times farther away – and that’s the trick because you can’t really tell! This will be a life-altering experience for your football career!

Get ready for a lot of missed kicks, clashes with other players, trips across the ball and a very special feeling of satisfaction when your team finally manages to score a goal! You will laugh at your friends, but also at yourself, because your inability to strike a ball will be absolutely hilarious. Imagine the ball being right in front of you and you will be there kicking around like a drunk rabid horse! And the same will go for your friends, as everyone will get his or her own portion of good laughter. Our Goggle Football Prague will probably not be the most elegant game of football you have ever played, but it will be the most amusing one for sure!

Perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere during a team building trip, or perhaps a good preparation for a night in Prague – this will be an ideal complement to your Prague trip no matter what your other crazy plans are!

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    This wasn’t my first time doing the Binocular football, so I kind of knew what to expect. I still had to laugh so hard, because it’s really unbelievable what those crazy glasses do with your senses! Organization was really good and we had no complaints at all. I definitely recommend!

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