About us - Ultimate Games

We are an event agency specializing in entertaining sport activities in Prague, Bratislava and Budapest. We have the know-how, local knowledge and many years of experience. We are a group of  open and communicative people, so feel free to contact anyone in the company. Our agency’s motto is:

  Your entertainment is our job. And everybody loves to have fun!

Our Story

Being in the business since 2004, we have been proudly delivering quality sport events for quite some time now. Those years have allowed us to gain valuable experience that we use on daily basis so that you really enjoy your time spend with us while engaging in the activities we prepare. We pride ourselves on our attractions being innovative, original and enjoyable for all our clients.

Always searching for new and current trends in the entertainment industry, we never sleep on our success and we are always moving forward. That’s the reason why you can always experience something new and unforgettable! Several thousand groups of friends and colleagues who enjoyed our events are the best proof that what we do, we do right.



Head of Sales

From the position of the Team leader she becomes the Head of Sales. Veronika enjoys all forms of exercises and sports. She plays tennis, squash and in the summer she loves cycling. Her favorite activity is traveling and meeting new people. She picked up her experiences in Scotland, where she was for almost nine years.



Event Manager

Tomas has great critical thinking which makes him an awesome Event Manager. He loves travelling and organizing all kinds of events and trips. If you are thinking about having your amazing party in Berlin, Munich or Cologne, Tomas is your guy. He is a sport enthusiast and is very active. His favourite sports are CrossFit, yoga, fitness, but he also loves swimming, running, ice-hockey and his biggest passion - football. Tasty burgers, good coffee and TV series are his things.



Marketing Specialist

Janka is our Marketing Specialist. She brings freschness, aesthetic and a “woman´s” sensibility to new projects. Janka has also been folk-dancer, now she devolves dance experience on children an adults in dancing school. She is serial-cinephile and she´s interested in everything about design and DIY.


Your Questions

On request we can accommodate also bigger groups. Just send us an enquiry and we will take care of it.
No problem, we are part of bigger service group and will be happy to help you with arranging any additional requests.
The payment is made in advance through bank transfer. After booking confirmation we send you an invoice where you find all the information to process the payment.
The initial instructions are brief ones and don´t cut much from the actual play time. It is just necessary basic information and leave you with enough time to enjoy your play time in full.